Static IP Address Required for SSL Certificate?

Static IP Address Required for SSL Certificate?

Before telling you whether a static ip address is required for an SSL certificate, "What is Shared and Static IP Address?" i will explain briefly. It will be more useful in terms of better understanding of the logic of static ip.

Shared IP Address

Nowadays all Web Hosting services are based on shared IP. So, IP address that comes with the hosting package you bought is shared with the whole web sites in the same server. Therefore is called shared ip address.

While this will lower the price of the hosting package, any one of the websites using the same ip address can cause the shared IP address to be blacklisted due to abuse or unconscious use of the offered service. In such a case, all websites linked to the IP address will be affected. This will seriously affect your email traffic.

Static IP Address

The Static IP address creates additional costs for your hosting package, but it is only for you and opens your site when the IP address is entered into the browser address. Therefore is called static ip address. Also, you will not be affected by any situation other people will be doing.

Static IP Required for SSL?

If we come to the main subject of our article, Many web hosting packages have a static ip required for SSL certificate but SNI (Server Name Indication) technology is increasingly supported by the more server. SNI technology is a technology that allows you to use an SSL Certificate with a shared IP address and if SNI enabled on your server, a static IP address is not required for an SSL certificate. Whether this technology is supported by your server, you can learn your server by contacting the technical support team.

We strongly advise you to use a static IP address for your e-commerce sites, even though your server supports SNI technology because in addition to having many technical advantages in terms of the use of a static IP address and your website and brand show the importance you give.

If your static ip address is ready, you can start installation by purchasing it from our SSL Certificates or you can use our free installation support.

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