What is an SSL Certificate? Why Use SSL?

What is an SSL Certificate? Why Use SSL?

SSL Certificates, which is an abbreviation of Secure Socket Layer words, encrypts the data communication between your web site and your visitors, this prevents third parties from stealing information.

When we consider that there are millions of servers and browsers in use today, it would be a huge security problem to encrypt and re-decrypt using fixed keys. For this reason, SSL certificates have emerged that can encrypt your web traffic and can be understood by servers and browsers alike. SSL certificates are transmitted to both sides of the encryption directories. Thus, transactions are conducted in a safe manner.

Why Use SSL?

As it provides secure communication, e-commerce sites need to use SSL certificates to secure customer information and credit card information entered during order. SSL certificates, which are mandatory for you to receive virtual POS in banks, are also preferred by companies that attach importance to security and brand value.

In addition to encrypting data traffic, SSL installed websites start with https. So visitors will perform operations more comfortably knowing that your web site uses a secure connection. This helps e-commerce sites increase sales volume.

SSL Certificates absolutely must be on e-commerce sites, It is now preferred by many sectors. If you want to increase the security and brand value of your website, you can browse our SSL Certificates.

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