Why are SSL Certificate Prices Different?

Why are SSL Certificate Prices Different?

The SSL Certificate has become a necessary security protocol to be used today, out of an option that should be used in case of need. In addition to ensuring information security, search engines have come to the fore as an important factor in prioritizing web sites with SSL Certificates installed. You may have more information about SSL Certificates than our What is an SSL Certificate? Why Use SSL? article.

When you want to buy SSL Certificates, there are many SSL Certificates with various pricing options. This can confuse many people's minds. In this article, we will try to help you find answers to your questions.

Brand Value

The SSL certificate, the trustworthiness of the Certificate Authority (CA) in the market and the trust it provides, is a factor that affects the certificate price.

Guarantee Amount

Although there are no SSL certificate-related issues to date, the certificate authority has an insurance fee against any inconvenience caused by the use of the SSL certificate. As the cost of insurance increases, it affects the price of the certificate in the upward direction. 

Verification Method

There are three types of verification methods, Domain Verification (DV), Organization Verification (OV) and Extended Verification (EV). No document is required for the DV method but various documents are requested from OV and EV method. In this way, it increases the reliability of the website. you can read our What are SSL Certificate Types? article for more information.

Number of Domains Supported

There are wildcard certificates supporting all of the main domain and subdomains, and multi-domain (SAN / UCC) certificates supporting different domains. This affects the price of SSL Certificates.

Operating Systems and Scanners

Depending on the agreement of the certification authority, they support different operating systems and web browsers. Many SSL Certificates support %99 of popular browsers and operating systems. However, more advanced certifications also support less-used and less-known web browsers and systems.

These are the main factors that affect SSL certificate prices. You can purchase your own SSL Certificate by visiting our SSL Certificates page to purchase the appropriate certificate.


Sizde kendinize uygun sertifikayı satın almak için SSL Certificates sayfamızı ziyaret ederek satın alabilirsiniz. You can ask other questions that your mind in comments section or you can contact us.

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