What to do After Installing SSL Certificate?

What to do After Installing SSL Certificate?

You installed our SSL certificate on your server, setting the software you used, and your website is running as https. Alright but later...

You may have successfully completed all operations on your server and website but what you need to do is not over yet. We will share information about other things that need to be done after SSL certificate installation in this article.

Adding to Webmaster Tools (Search Console)

The first you need to do when you switch from HTTP to HTTPS is action. Once you log in to your webmaster tools (google, bing etc) account for search engines, you need to add your HTTPS link. The point to note is that you should not delete your HTTP link either. You also need to add and verify your HTTPS link beginning with www.

Adding to Sitemap

You must add to your sitemap belonging to your https link you have added and verified to the webmaster tools. Check content of the sitemap you added and If there are links that start with HTTP, change to HTTPS.

Google Analytics Settings

You need to replace your HTTP link with HTTPS in Google Analytics or other statistical tools you use. Modify the property settings on the management page for your website. Also, update your http link in Appearance Settings on the right side of the property settings. If you've linked your website from Google Search Console to your Google Analytics property, you'll need to relinked after you've made the HTTPS transition. So, you will be able to transfer data from Search Console to your Google Analytics account.

Other Actions Required

Update if it has links beginning with HTTP in your robots.txt file and make sure this file is accessible.

If you are using the Disqus comment plugin, move your comments from HTTP to HTTPS.

If you use advertising services such as Adwords, Facebook, Yandex, Bing, Twitter etc or Email Marketing software, update links to your website.

Update your website address on your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google Plus, YouTube etc social media accounts.

If there are any actions that you have done other than these, you can share with us in the comments section.

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