OV SSL Certificate Validation Requirements

OV SSL Certificate Validation Requirements

You've purchased an Organization Validation (OV) SSL Certificate, now what? How does one get their actual organization validated? It may seem like a tall order, but don't worry. It's really quite simple. Trust us, this will be easy :)

Why Organization Validation?

Organization Validation SSL certificates were actually the first kind of SSL certificate. Back then, there was no Domain Validation or Extended Validation certificate, anyone who wanted to get SSL had to have their organization validated.

Obviously, this cut out a lot of websites that wanted encryption. So the Certificate Authorities created Domain Validation certificates, wherein they only checked to see that the person applying for the certificate owned the domain in question. This opened up SSL to a whole new group of websites but it also caused a bit of a problem.

Unless you knew where to look, the indicators for DV and OV were exactly the same a green padlock and HTTPS in your address bar. So, to offer a greater form of authentication and trust, the CA's with the help of the major browsers, created Extended Validation SSL certificates. These display a green address bar and require a greater degree of validation to be obtained.

If inspiring the greatest degree of trust from your customers is of the utmost importance, you may want to consider purchasing Extended Validation.

However, today, Organizational Validation SSL certificates still serve a purpose. One click on the green padlock displays information about your company. And the encryption strength and security provided is still industry-standard.

What are the Organization Validation requirements?

The requirements for an Organization Validation SSL certificate are the same regardless of which CA you go with. The requirements every business must fulfil are:

  • Organization Authentication
  • Locality Presence
  • Telephone Verification
  • Domain Verification
  • Final Verification Call

As long as you're a legitimate business, this process is no problem.

As long as you're a legitimate organization this process will go smoothly. Remember, part of the reason this process even exists is to differentiate the legitimate businesses from the pretenders, including scam artists and cyber criminals. So, if you're working for an actual business, then you have nothing to worry about.

Plus, we'll be here helping you the whole way. Typically, the CA's like to tell you issuance takes 1-5 business days.

So what are you waiting for? You can let's get started by reviewing our OV SSL Certificates :)

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