• OpenCart iyzico Installment Tab

OpenCart iyzico Installment Tab extension, according to product price on product page, the installment options can be displayed to your customers with iyzico API.

Prepared according to the official module developed by iyzico. If you are using other third party iyzico payment module, integration support can be provided for a fee.

Module Features

  • Horizontal and vertical two different design modes.
  • To be able to make color adjustment according to credit cards in admin panel. If color setting is not added, default colors are loaded.
  • If the total price of installment is equal to the product price, different coloring.
  • Since the iyzico PHP SDK is not required, it does not upload unnecessary files on your system.
  • No core files overwritten.

Supported Themes

The extension supports the following themes by default. It may not work due to changes you make or other extensions you have installed. You can contact us about errors or other themes.

  • Journal v3 Theme support.
Extension Features
Compatibility 3.x

v1.0.2 Changelog

  • Added OpenCart v2.3.x support.
  • Added Kuveyt Türk Sağlam Kart support.

v1.0.1 Changelog

  • Added Journal theme support.
  • Added Bankkart Combo support.
  • Fixed if equal to the product price, different coloring.

v1.0.0 Changelog

  • Initial release.

How to Install

  • Upload file iyzitab-x.x.x.ocmod.zip on Extensions->Extension Installer.
  • Click Refresh button on Extensions->Modifications.
  • If you are using a cache system, clear your cache.
  • Go to Extensions->Extensions->Payment Method->iyzico module settings.
  • Choose installment design mode from the extension settings and save settings.
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OpenCart iyzico Installment Tab

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Extension Features
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