• OpenCart Super Slideshow

If you want a better slideshow module, OpenCart Super Slideshow module may be a good choice for you. Add unlimited modules and assign different settings for each module.

Module Features

  • Responsive design support.
  • 5 Theme style.
  • 38 different settings.
  • 38 different animations.
  • 5 different navigations.
  • 3 different nav positions.
  • 5 different focus and controls positions.
  • Default banner system support.
  • Caption support.
  • Progressbar customizable.
  • And many more settings.
  • No core files overwritten.
Extension Features
Compatibility 1.5.x, 2.x, 3.x

v2.1.0 Changelog

  • Added OpenCart v3.x support.

v2.0.2 Changelog

  • Added OpenCart v2.3.x support.

v2.0.1 Changelog

  • Added OpenCart v2.2.x support.

v2.0.0 Changelog

  • Added OpenCart v2.0.1.x support.
  • 5 theme style.
  • Responsive support.
  • Updated slider js.

v1.0.1 Changelog

  • Added OpenCart 1.5.5.x support.

v1.0.0 Changelog

  • Initial release.

How to Install

  • Upload file super-slideshow-x.x.x.ocmod.zip on Extensions->Extension Installer.
  • Click Refresh button on Extensions->Modifications.
  • Go to Extensions->Extensions->Install and Edit E-Piksel Super Slideshow.
  • Your Customize set module and Save button.
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OpenCart Super Slideshow

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General Attributes
Date Added 28/01/2018
Last Update 05/04/2018
Brand OpenCart
Product Code EPMOD15
Tags OpenCart, OpenCart Slider, OpenCart Slideshow, OpenCart Skitter Slider, OpenCart Animation Slider, OpenCart Slide, OpenCart Banner Slider, OpenCart Improved Slideshow Module, OpenCart Advanced Slideshow Module
Extension Features
Compatibility 1.5.x, 2.x, 3.x