A free shopping cart system. OpenCart is an open source PHP-based online e-commerce solution.

OpenCart Service

What is OpenCart? OpenCart is an open source and free ecommerce software developed with php. Althou..

OpenCart Company Name Required

OpenCart Company Name Required extension, Requires the Company Name to be entered in customer groups..

OpenCart Current Password

When it to change the customer password, it are asked to enter current password. Module Features..

OpenCart Customer Account Dashboard

You can replace the customer account page design with a better design and have a more useful design..

OpenCart Checkout Success Page

OpenCart Checkout Success Page extension, Once your customers have completed the order steps, checko..

OpenCart Super Admin

OpenCart Super Admin extension, allows you to have all permissions, even if the user is not allowed..

OpenCart Affiliate Banners

Banners for OpenCart affiliate system. So you can make it easier for your affiliates to promote your..

OpenCart Autofit Popup Image

Automatically crops by width and height ratio. White sections removed on popup image and you get rid..

OpenCart Awesome Review Stars

Module Features Shows how many times votes are used for the same vote. Also it calculates the av..

OpenCart Rollover Image

When the mouse hovers over to product thumb, the first image in additional product images is loaded..

OpenCart Option Price Equals to Product Price

The OpenCart default option price has plus (+) and minus (-) settings in price properties. Adding th..

OpenCart CountDown Special Clock

You can show special date end, discount percentage and discount amount (you save) to your customers..

OpenCart Password Reset Expired

OpenCart Password Reset Expired extension, allows you to add a time constraint to admin and customer..

OpenCart Sortable Captcha

OpenCart Sortable Captcha extension is a high-security validation extension. Basic Captcha and Googl..

OpenCart Ajax Price Update

It shows total price to pay by updating main price of the product immediately according to options a..

OpenCart Fixed Quantity Selection

Allows you to fixed quantity of added to cart product with OpenCart Fixed Quantity Selection extensi..

OpenCart Split Information

OpenCart Split Information module allows to split your store information pages. So you can categoriz..

OpenCart Simple Slider

You can add simple slide product modules with OpenCart Simple Slider module. With the multi-module t..

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