Apple Safari, HTTP Web Sites "Not Secure" Warning Test Started

Apple Safari, HTTP Web Sites "Not Secure" Warning Test Started

Apple will display a more evident warning message on websites that use the HTTP protocol in the Safari browser as Google does in the Chrome browser.

Google, has a large usage rate in the browser market and using this power, it wants website owners to have a secure connection. It has achieved this to a great extent.

And now, Apple, one of the other big names in the technology industry, tested the "Not Secure" warning in HTTP protocol in Safari browser and showed that Google would follow.

While organizations such as Google, Cloudflare and Mozilla are always at the forefront to secure the Internet, companies like Apple and Microsoft tend to be introverted. For example, Chrome and Mozilla regularly publish blog posts describing the changes they are making and why they do it but Apple tends to be slightly less transparent.

When Apple launched Safari Technology Preview 70, a browser similar to Chrome Canary or Firefox Nightly, just single line was included in the release notes to addition of its HTTP warning:

"Added a warning in the Smart Search field when loading non-secure pages."

For this reason, we do not have enough information to give too much detail but let's explain briefly what this change means to users who use the browser.

Testing for Safari HTTP Warning

At this time Apple, has added a "Not Secure" warning to the Safari Technology Preview browser that uses to test new features. However, Apple has not yet commented on whether to use this feature in a stable version of the Safari browser.

Still, this is a significant improvement, because the Safari does have a good share of the browser market and is the second largest browser currently penalizing HTTP websites actively.

Google has been testing ways to decommission HTTP for a long time. In 2014, he attempted to encourage the transition to HTTPS by declaring that there would be a search range signal for the search engine. Then it started to restrict features for websites with HTTP connection. EVERY HTTPS sitesi için “Güvenli” demek için kullanıcı arabirimi değiştirdi. And then from July 2018, when your was visiting an HTTP website, its started adding a Not Secure warning to the address bar.

Now Apple seems to be doing the same. Safari's user interface is very different from Chrome. Therefore, the warning seems a little different. Apple Safari also shows URLs differently, so the effect may be slightly more effective.

Testing for Safari HTTP Warning

We have said that there is no explanation for when this change will be used in the stable version. However, this will put even more pressure on websites that do not provide secure connections.

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