Google Chrome, Non-SSL Websites Not Secure Warning!

Google Chrome, Non-SSL Websites Not Secure Warning!

SSL has begun to be considered as a factor for SEO with the updates made last year. Also, web sites that do not use SSL encounter unsafe warning in the form pages with data such as username and password. In addition to the pages where user data is entered, all pages that use HTTP in incognito mode will be warned that it is not secure with new updates to be made in October.

Google Chrome, Unsecure Accepted of Websites That Do Not Use SSL

Google, announced that it wanted to take user security a step further in April. Google is not just about passwords and credit card information with this announcement, does not want all the data transmitted on the internet to be followed by other sources on the network. The easiest way to provide this encryption is by using an SSL certificate.

Google Chrome Version 62 HTTP Search

In the above image, you can see how to warn any HTTP page when version 62 of Google Chrome is released. In later updates, we think that this warning will warn visitors more clearly.

When we think about is a huge increase in SSL used websites with Google's first announcement. We can say that the migration from HTTP to HTTPS will continue even faster with this new announcement.

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