How to Install an SSL Certificate?

How to Install an SSL Certificate?

Although SSL certificate installation differs according to the server type and control panel used, the installation steps are almost identical.

Required for installation

1- A Dedicated IP should be allocated to the website where SSL will be used. Having a static ip address 1-2 days before installing the SSL certificate will ensure a fast pass. If your server supports SNI technology, SSL setup can be done with Shared IP address. You may have more information than our Static IP Address Required for SSL Certificate? article.

2- Certificate Signing Request (CSR code) and Private Key must be created. You can easily create it using the CSR Generator Tool. The CSR code will be requested during the SSL certificate creation process and Your private key code needs to be added on your server panel. The private key is private to you and should not be shared with anyone. Save your private key to a file and store it in a safe place and do not lose it.

How to Install

If you have satisfied the above requirements, you can proceed to the installation stages.

1- Once you have purchased the SSL certificate, a link will be sent to your email address to create the certificate. When you click on this link, you will be prompted for the domain name, CSR code and some information that will be used for the certificate. Once you have this information filled and completed the steps, your certificate will be delivered immediately, regardless of Domain Validation (DV) type with SSL certificate. If Certificate Extended Verification (EV) or Organization Verification (OV) type, after the documents requested by the certificate authority are approved, the certificate is delivered.

2- After the verification process, the SSL certificate that is sent must be install in your server. Sign in to your server control panel and find the section on SSL. According to the panel you use, it can be under menus such as SSL/TLS, SSL Certificates or Certificates.

3- In this menu, You will be asked to enter the Certificate (CRT) you have purchased, the Private Key and CA Certificate you have already created. CA certificate is not required for each SSL certificate. If sent by the certificate authority, it must be entered in this section.

4- After adding the certificate, you may need to activate it by selecting the certificate from the domain name settings according to the panel you are using.

Once you have completed all the steps, you will now be ready to use the SSL certificate. You can check whether your SSL certificate is working properly using SSL Check Tool.

If you do not have an SSL certificate, you can start installation by purchasing it from our SSL Certificates or you can use our free installation support.

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