New Chrome 70th Update Will Cause Security Warning on Thousands of Websites

New Chrome 70th Update Will Cause Security Warning on Thousands of Websites

Chrome 70th will begin issuing security warning on old Symantec SSL certificates. Google, as mentioned in Google Chrome, Non-SSL Websites Not Secure Warning! article, has long been working to get websites to switch https protocol.

Google, will release Chrome 70th version 16 October 2018 and therefore although some websites complete their transition to avoid being affected by security alert, thousands of sites are expected to be affected by this update. Inside these sites there are also websites of many large companies and government agencies. If you have the old Symantec SSL certificate, you may be affected by this security warning.

How Do I Get Rid of Security Warning?

Your SSL certificate must re-generate to get rid of this security warning. SSL certificate providers allows issuing for free. The issuing does not extend your certificate duration and after re-generate, you will have a new CSR code, private key and certificate. You just need to reinstall your new private key and SSL certificate on your server.

No SSL Certificate What Should I Do?

If you have never used an SSL certificate before, we recommend that you switch to the https secure protocol. If you do not want to buy a paid SSL certificate, you can use the free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates. Let’s Encrypt, it has gained the trust of all major browser providers like Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla.

Paid SSL certificates, do not provided with free ssl certificates; offers many features such as site seal, warranty, organization validation, green address bar (company name on address bar). If you want to buy a paid SSL certificate, you can review our SSL Certificates.

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