What are SSL Certificate Types?

What are SSL Certificate Types?

There are many SSL certificates with different features and different price ranges. Diversity is good but users who do not have knowledge about SSL certificates are confused.

In this article we will describe the types of SSL certificates and who should choose which certificate type. You can read our Why are SSL Certificate Prices Different? article to be informed about price differences.

According to Validation Type

1. DV (Domain Validation) SSL

Domain Name Verification SSL certificates are no document required and are issued in an instant. This certificate has a low insurance rate. Those who do not want to deal with the document validation process, forums, blogs, portals and Is the ideal certificate type for the beginning level e-commerce sites.

2. OV (Organization Validation) SSL

Company (Organization) Validation SSL Certificates, document required and duration of publication can range from 1 to 10. The DV certificate has a high insurance rate along with all the features. It is confirmed that the website that is installed is really owned by the company because the certificate information contains information about the company. Medium and large-scale e-commerce sites can be preferred.

3. EV (Extended Validation) SSL

Certificates in Extended Verification type, it contains all the features of DV and OV certificate types. The distinguishing feature of the EV SSL certificate from OV SSL certificates is that the company name and country code users are shown in the green bar in the web browser address bar. This allows users to see that the website really belongs to the company without looking at the details of the SSL certificate. It can be preferred by medium and large-scale e-commerce sites as well as other websites that want to increase brand value.

According to Usage Area

1. Single Domain / Standard SSL Certificates

Standard SSL certifications are certifications that sign one domain name www and www non-prefix variations, except for subdomains.

2. Multi Domain SSL Certificates

Certificates that provide signing of multiple domain names with a single certificate. These certificates usually allow you to signature one primary domain and an additional 2 domains at no additional charge. So, can be used for a total of 3 domain names with a single certificate fee. You can also add new domain names at an additional cost to until the quantity specified by the certificate authority.

Yani tek sertifika ücreti ile toplamda 3 alan adı için kullanılabilmektedir. Ayrıca sertifika sağlayıcısının belirlediği adede kadar ek ücret ödeyerek yeni alan adları ekleyebilirsiniz. This type of certificate can also be sold under the name SAN / UCC.

3. Wildcard SSL Certificates

Wildcard SSL certificates are a certificate type that provides a single domain name and all subdomain signatures. These certificates, must be identified as *.domainname.com during installation. It can also be sold by some providers under the name "subdomain ssl".

You need the proper SSL certificate, can find and buy it on our SSL Certificates page.

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