OpenCart Turkish Full Version

OpenCart Turkish Full Version

The latest version of OpenCart was released on 18.07.2017 with version number As of 22.07.2017 we also offer Turkish version for you.

Now let's examine some of the innovations that added with OpenCart v3.

Twig Theme Engine

We can say it the twig theme motor which is the most comprehensive innovation that comes with OpenCart v3.0 version. In previous versions, theme files processed directly with php started to be processed with twig theme engine in v3 versions. With this change, it means that your old themes have to be re-coded. If you are not familiar with Twig theme coding, From you can convert your old theme codes using our Twig converter tool.

Theme and Language Editor

Now we can edit and develop theme files and language translations via the admin panel. The changes you make are stored in the database and when the modified file is called, The codes in the file are overridden and the codes you have saved in the database are valid. This is a great feature, but it can cause confusion when using OCmod / vQmod.

Multi-lingual and Multistore SEO

Now you can add different seo words for each store and the languages you have added, and you can manage them from a single page with the SEO URLs page.

Cache and SASS System

You can now have faster page openings by caching your theme files with the Twig theme engine. SASS, It enables us to perform what we do with CSS more easily, quickly and regularly. In addition, we can clear the cached files from the management panel whenever we want.

E-Mail Notifications and Customer Activities

E-mail notifications and Customer activities moved to the Events system. That allows you to disable or enable each of the email notifications and customer activities sent from the admin panel.

Admin Martketplace

Will now be able to purchase and install modules directly on admin panel. You will be able to make purchasing and installation operations on your own site very quickly with the API signing in to the OpenCart site. Your extensions and themes will need to be redesigned in accordance with the marketplace.

Other Small Changes

The Customer and Affiliate accounts have been merged to avoid re-opening the account.

The customer approval system has been improved.

Unnecessary language variables have been removed in controller files.

The token value in the administration panel has been changed to user_token.

Minor changes in admin menu design were made.

The filter system in the admin list has been moved to the right.

Added installation history for extensions you installed with the plugin installer.

Result and Links

I would recommend you to wait a bit longer before upgrading your store existing to an existing and working site, even if you have added nice new features such as a better SEO system, caching, twig theme engine. Remember that the third party extensions or themes a large majority do not support the new version, and new errors may occur with new added features.

OpenCart Support

If you need OpenCart support, you can purchase our OpenCart Installation or OpenCart Update services. If you wish to getting support for your errors, you can request support by selecting OpenCart Error Detection.

You can see all the file changes made here. For further information and review Turkish Admin Demo Page Admin Username: demo Password: demo

OpenCart v3.0.2.0 Turkish Download

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