OpenCart Turkish Full Version

OpenCart Turkish Full Version

The latest version of OpenCart was released on 09.04.2019 and as of 29.01.2019 we also offer OpenCart Turkish version for you. Apart from a few features, this is a version of has been fixed the bugs that in OpenCart version. If you're getting an error with the Google Shopping extension, uninstall and reinstall the Extensions->Advertising->Google Shopping extension. The OpenCart version is a fix release for the Google Shopping extension.

Added Features

  • Google Shopping
  • PayPal Express Checkout to new smart payments button

Result and Links

If you have a store that works as I mentioned at every opportunity and you don't have an important feature in the new version, you don't need to update to the new version. However, if you are interested in the new version, you can install and review for testing purposes.

OpenCart Support

If you need OpenCart support, you can purchase our OpenCart Installation or OpenCart Update services. If you wish to getting support for your errors, you can request support by selecting OpenCart Error Detection.


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  • OpenCart vs list of changes between

For further information and review OpenCart Turkish Demo admin login information Username: demo Password: demo

OpenCart v3.0.3.2 Turkish Download

You can post topics for problems you experience as free registration in E-Commerce Softwares Support Forum on Destek Paneli

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OpenCart Turkish Full Version

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