OpenCart Show Hide Password

OpenCart Show Hide Password

The passwords we enter when logging in or registering are not visible. In this case, if we are not sure of the correct password, we need to delete and enter again. You can make your password visible and verify its accuracy with OpenCart Show Hide Password extension.

Module Features

  • Automatically detects elements whose input type value is password.
  • Bootstrap default input and input-group elements supports.
  • When you start typing the password, the icon appears.
  • OpenCart v2.x and v3.x version supports.
  • No core files overwritten.

Supported Themes

Extension, OpenCart was tested on clean install and default theme. Will work on most bootstrap compatible themes but is not guaranteed to work.

You can find the installation instructions in zip file. If you have problems with your installation or custom themes, you can purchase our plug-in installation service from OpenCart Service page.

You can go to live preview page to see how it works. In addition, if you want to use in non-OpenCart projects, you can access the javascript file and usage instructions from Show Hide Password GitHub project page.


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