How to Create Instagram Access Token?

How to Create Instagram Access Token?

The Instagram Access Token code is a long-term access code that allows you to take action on different applications using the Instagram API. For example, you can display your photos on Instagram on a website with the access token code. In this article, we will explain step by step how you can create an access token with Instagram Basic Display.

Note: In order to use the access token code you created with Instagram Basic Display, your Instagram account must be public.

Step 1 - Register an App on Facebook for Developers

1.1 Before creating an Access token, you need to have a facebook developer account and create an application with this account. For this, you can use your existing facebook account or create a new developer account. You can visit the Facebook for Developers page to get started.

Step 2 - Creating a New Application

2.1 Click the Create App button to proceed to the application creation steps.

2.2 After clicking the Create button, select More Options in the window that opens.

2.3 Then select Something Else to create the application with custom permissions and click the Continue button.

2.4 After this process, you will be asked to enter application name and contact e-mail address for your application. If you have, you can connect your Business Manager account to the app. After entering your information, click the Create App button. You may need to go through the robot check for safety.

Step 3 - Instagram Basic Display Configuration

We have created our application. Now we need to configure Instagram Basic Display and also add test user to create Access token.

3.1 Click the Set Up button under the Instagram Basic Display. There are two different Instagram options here. Make sure you select the Instagram Basic Display option.

3.2 Click the Create New App button at the bottom of the Basic Display page.

3.3 The app name comes automatically from the facebook app name you created in step 2. Do not change this name.

Step 4 - Adding an Instagram Tester User

In order to create an Instagram Access token, you need to add an Instagram Tester (test user) to our application.

4.1 Go to the Basic Display page. When you first create the application, you will be automatically redirected to this section. Click the Add or Remove Instagram Testers button.

4.2 There are two test user options on the page that opens. So make sure you click the Add Instagram Testers button in the Instagram Testers section.

4.3 Enter the username of the instagram account for which you want to define a test user. When you enter the username, a list of similar usernames will open. From here, select the username you have permission to access.

Step 5 - Apply Test User to Instagram Account

Log into your Instagram account from your desktop computer.

5.1 From the Settings page, click the Apps and Websites menu. Go to the Tester Invites tab on the page that opens. Approve the application permission request you sent here.

5.2 Go back to your Facebook developer panel and navigate to the Basic Display page from the app menu you created. On the page that opens, click the Generate Token button in the User Token Generator section.

When you click the Generate Token button, a re-login screen opens to confirm the application permissions you created.

5.3 In the window that opens, confirm the I Understand option, copy the access token and click the Done button. If the token code you created is lost, you can regenerate it by repeating step 5.2.

Step 6 - Add Access Token Code to Extension.

As the last step, add the Instagram Access Token code you created to the access token section of your plugin and save your settings.

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