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What is OpenCart?

OpenCart is an open source and free ecommerce software developed with php. Although it is extremely simple to use and develop, it has extremely advanced features. You can learn more about OpenCart from our Blog page.

OpenCart Installation

With installation service, we will install version of OpenCart you want installation and deliver it to you. An optional one theme installation service is meet a need free of charge with OpenCart installation but customizations are not included. Your theme must be compatible with the OpenCart version you want installed.

OpenCart Update

With update service, you can switch from the old OpenCart version to latest version. After update, the data stored in database, such as your products, categories, orders and customers will be moved to the new version but 3rd party extensions, modules, themes and manual changes will be removed/canceled. An optional one theme installation service is meet a need free of charge with OpenCart update but customizations are not included.

Error Detection

The OpenCart error detection service is used to find out why errors occur on your site and to correct it if possible but error correction is not guaranteed. If it is not possible to correct by us, the error detection service is provided as a guide for correction.

Required Information

  • FTP and Database information for installation service,
  • FTP, Database and OpenCart Admin information for update or error detection service.
  • You can also send cPanel / Plesk panel information instead of FTP and Database information.

You can send the above information using contact page.


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OpenCart Service

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